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Selective Tests

Signup Intro

With each subscription you are provided with 2 accounts. One account is for the parent and the other account is for the student.

Once you complete the signup process and your subscription payment has been received, you will be sent a Welcome E-mail with a sign in member id for your student.

Please click Next to begin.

The parent account has the ability to:

  • Receive progress reports
  • View progress charts
  • Add a subscription
  • Maintain contact information

The student account has the ability to:

  • Take tests
  • View progress charts
  • Accumulate a total score
  • Maintain a public profile
"I just want to say thank you and your hard working team who are hehping so many young kids to fulfil their future dreams. My son, ~name~,has passed his Opportunity School Placement Test. He got 260 out of 300 and also got a placement in his own school, Summer Hill Public. Your site is a wonderful source of material. It also motivates as well as challenges them. Please keep up your good work!!!" - SD