SelectiveTests is an online test provider

SelectiveTests is a provider of online practice tests to help students prepare for entry into Opportunity Class (Year 5/6) as well as for entry into Year 7/8 NSW Selective Schools. We have been helping students prepare for the Selective School entry tests since 2005.

Thousands of parents and students have used our services since then.

At SelectiveTests, we have attempted to level the playing field by making practice tests affordable for all. SelectiveTests may be used to supplement tuitions and private tutoring or as an addition to a self-study program.

SelectiveTests is an Australian Company, located in the Blue Mountains and is wholly owned by Spartakas Pty Ltd.

Spartakas was founded in 2004 from an idea Tarun had, based on his experience with his son. Brian and Reggie helped turn this idea into reality. Over the years, thousands of members have used our tests for their preparation. Based on feedback from MANY satisfied parents, all of us at Spartakas know that we are on the right track.