Selective Tests were priceless. The standard was perfect, cost very reasonable, weekly feedback useful. My son could do it at a time that suited him. We could print off the difficult questions and the explanations were clear. Essay writing feedback was also great.

This has improved my skills dramatically. I would usually be super stressed out but SelectiveTests has helped me throughtout that journey

I would like to share my experience for OC preparation using this website. My son has got into his first choice OC school without any other additional coaching.Would definitely recommend it to family and friends.

Congratulations and sincere thanks to you! Our son {name witheld} has made it to Baulkham Hills High School, his first choice

Thank you for a providing a very useful and helpful facility for students and parents alike. SelectiveTests was priceless.

My daughter thinks that your programme helped her a lot because it made her learn heaps, be challenged and more important be familiar with the selective school tests format. A big thank you to all of you.

My son got into Perth modern because of studying with these very good tests

Just wanted to pass on a big thank you for the study material available on your website for Selective Tests - my daughter only used this and has been placed on reserve for a couple of good schools :)

The best part of the site is that solutions are worked out step-by-step unlike in other sites or even coaching centres where only answers (Option "A" or "C") are provided. Further, the student can access past tests and rework those questions which he/she did not get it right in the first instance.

My son really loves to do tests on your website specially in the begining of every month as he wants to be in the top achievers of the month!!!

The quality of the questions are very good to improve kids knowledge to get selection into OC and Selective.

I have signed up with you twice before. I have been very impressed with your services, and have recommended you to many others.

The website has been of great assistance to my son who is preparing for his selective exams. He also used the website for his OC test preparation and was successful. Therefore, we have recommended this site to quite a few people

I love your tests. They make me so confident!

It's been pleasure to subscribe in this website!

Thx for the website i do it everyday and enjoy it!

My son just finished his OC test this week. He felt that your website was very helpful.

Your website is great and is very educational. My child is improving on her skills everyday.


Affordable and an excellent value for money. Questions and explanation were very clear.

I am glad to inform you that my son (galaxy1) got in to James Ruse HS. This website was very good and very useful.

Your website greatly helped my eldest son who got into a selective school, and we wish to have our next son undertake your full program

My daughter ~name~ made into the selective school of our choice as well as the G and T class.

I think im improving aldready! This is only my 3rd test! I'm really glad to be a member of SelectiveTests now.

My son has developed a lot and the website is excellent providing a range of difficulties in questions.

This has improved my skills dramatically. I would usually be super stressed out but SelectiveTests has helped me throughtout that journey.

Hi Tarun, Just to let you know, 3 of my 4 boys who used your selective tests made it into Gosford High Selective School!

Thank you so much!!!!!! Thanks to your brilliant website I made it into North Sydney Boys and have just started at North Sydney Boys. Once again, thank you

My son, ~name witheld~, has got an offer for enrolment in James Ruse High School. He scored 266.70 in selective school test. It would not be possible without your help. Thank you. keep up the good work.

We have found so reliable that we have shared it with many in our circle

My son has developed a lot and the website is excellent providing a range of difficulties in questions.

Good website with a variety of difficulty. Challenging for young minds. A great site for all students. Especially for students studying for Selective.

I really think that this is the best website. Mind you, I have already improved a lot and am now pretty confident about my results next year. Thanks for this website!

Our son has done very well in three different sets of tests: Selective, ACER and Sydney Grammar. He produced consistent results in all three. We want to thank you for providing a great service for preparing for these tests. Thanks again for all your service and prompt replies to my questions.

I feel to convey my gratitude that your website helped my son to practice for Selective Exam. He has qualified and got an offer from Girraween High School. Again thanks for creating such platform at a very reasonable cost.

Just to share our happpy moments with selectivetests that our son scored 220.97 and reveived the first choice offer to OC Summer Hill Public School. Thanks to selectivetests, I think it is great and I have recommended a few parents already to subscribe to it.

I just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you. My daughter ~name~ was successful in her application to Hornsby Girls High School. Your website based coaching provided an economical way for her to hone her exam technique in preparation for the High School Selective exam.

Thanks for your wonderful online resource-it made a big difference to my daughter's time management, and problem solving capability for tricky questions. Thanks again for the great work!

Your tests gave my younger son a lot of confidence. He was also runner up in the writing competition and that really boosted his morale and self belief. We were able to sit down and work through difficult questions with him. He has also been offered scholarship to Kings and place at Sydney Grammar. So our heartfelt thanks to your team!

Such a fantastic online resource with very friendly and prompt user support. Our daughter had a month's access to this site and she passed the NSW Selective High School tests to get into Merewether High School. Highly recommended...

My daughter was offered a scholarship at a top private school and a place at St George Girls High for 2015. The tests you provided in your program were invaluable in her preparation which was the only preparation she actually did besides regular school.

Thanks for the effort you provided to our kids, it is very helpful, I have recommended to many of my friends about your site. Well Done! This website helped me get 298 in the OC test.

My son was successful in gaining a place at Artarmon OC where he is in Year 5 this year and it is wonderful – thank you – this was the only preparation he did and he wouldn't have succeeded without your fantastic preparation.

This is a quick note to let you know that my daughter got into James Ruse. Your website was extremely helpful to her. Thank you and I recommended to many of my friends

Hi Tarun, last year I got into OC with a score of 250 out of 300. Now I am preparing for the selective and I hope I do very well. Your site has helped a lot in the OC test and I bet it will be the same for the selective! Thanks!

I would like to inform you that ~name withheld~ has passed the Selective Tests with a score of 219.68. I have to admit that all the training that she got from all the tests that you have in your system, was incredible! She will be attending St George Girls in Kogarah next year and she is extremely happy.

I think this is a great program because it has the difficulty of a test and it explains questions well l just started this program and it is working l really hope l can get in to a good selective high school.

My Daughter used the "SelectiveTests" website for the last one year and found it very very effective. She got a lot of practice tests which helped her to fine tune her knowledge towards the actual examination. The investment was worth it.
She has been selected for Baulkham Hills High School and in reserve for James Ruse. Her profiled score was 239.14.

Dear Tarun and team: In the 9 months leading up to the OC test, my daughter did train using this website. She made it into our second choice OC class for 2023. I'm very proud of her achievement with the help of this website as a parent, especially since the system has made it more difficult (13% success rate) I highly recommend this website for all who are interested in this field of training. Congratulations to your program and dedication.

The website definitely helped my daughter prepare for her selective exams. There was a mix of different question types and i also think the pricing was apt. I just wish we had heard about this earlier and not in the last 3 months of the exam preparation.

These tests really helped me. I really enjoyed doing these tests. Thanks a lot. I learnt lots of new skills. Sadly, I could not participate in the Writing Competition.